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november plans

I cut the brakes on this car. Bye bye, nagging wife!

these are my november plans

  • mathematical statistics
    • do weekly assignments
    • attend labs
    • exam
  • business in software
    • attend weekly seminars
    • project
    • assignment
  • automatic control
    • do weekly assignments
    • finish lab 3
    • exam
  • newgrounds christmas collab minigame submission
  • consultant work (if it goes through)

gotta be honest. i hope the client for the consultant work completely diss us. i don’t have a lot of experience with react native, and i will not have time with much else if i have to do it by my own…

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from the roof top~somewhere in silence[sniper’s theme]

i’m still itching for creating some kind of a game, i had last year a will to create something akin to LSD: Dream Simulator, but top-down and showcasing my dreams instead.

a common thing brought up in my dreams would be trains and subways, so they would be in the middle of the game i thought about, connecting everything. you’d start there, and if you wanted to randomly go to another “dream” you would just go back there and take a train. sometimes it could interrupt and a random event would happen during the train ride, or that was the thought at least.

i never came too far with that game idea, mostly because of i wasn’t sure how the random generation of “dream maps” would work out… it’s always the little things that just kill all progress and will for me.

i’ve always thought that if i could work together with someone else i would have enough incentive to work… don’t really have the will to work on my own without a deadline and what not. as soon as i meet an obstacle, i’d turn right around and give up. it sucks.


in any case, i’ve had these spurs of need to create something big, multiple times and i’ve yet to actually to anything in the wake of these needs

i had another one just recently, but much smaller in scope. i thought that everything would be easier if i got GameMaker Studio 2, but that piece of shit costs like $80, and if i want to compile to HTMLwhatever so i can upload it on NewGrounds, that would be over a $100 bucks more and that’s just insane. so i cracked it.

i like to think that i’m a pretty smart dude, i’m pretty good and clean on the internet. i know what’s sketchy and not, and i don’t download mp3- and mkv-files ending with a .exe…….. yet i might’ve “”accidentally”” downloaded a trojan now >:)), or at least if i can trust Windows Defender. the crack works, let me just tell you that, and it seems it is pretty well-rated on the sketchy-ass forum i downloaded it from… and the author of the crack sounds veeerryyyyy reassuring when he says “it’s not a virus, just a false positive guys!”. yeah… i still got almost a heart attack. i’m so stupid.

anyway… this piece of shit software wasn’t even worth it. i am pretty sure i could do much the same thing in the old GameMaker Studio 1.4 anyway and i own that LEGALLY. another pseudo mind-obstacle that will make me turn around and walk straight the way back home

whatever, peace out fool

dreams ramble

teeth dream

No peroxide, I stay dark

i’ve been fairly interested in dreams, mostly the common objects, themes, and elements that show up throughout mine. this fascination has gone so far that i have even kept a physical record of some of the dreams in a small book, not much bigger than a credit card in width and height. i mostly got this idea from the creator of the strange game lsd dream emulator (PS1)

In Linking the Sapient Dream

if i recall this game correctly, the routes and events that happen in-game are not random but are decided upon what objects you touch, the dreams and locations are in this way Linked. everything that happens in-game are inspired or directly taken from dreams the creator had noted down. he kept a Dream Dairy, as apparently that would lead to dreams become clearer and easier to remember (we’ve all been there, waking up and not remembering the upsetting dream we had moments ago) and possibly even trigger more interesting and perhaps lucid dreams. this was something that interested myself as well. i do believe writing them down and thinking about them will subconsciously create far more interesting and convoluted dreams, it seems only logical.

so i kept a dream diary, and i even noted down some older dreams i vividly could recall from earlier. one of them is the infamous teeth dream, a dream which seems to be very common. some people only have their teeth falling off, i’ve had far worse. crushing teeth by clenching my jaw, furiously bleeding from the mouth. the teeth seem to often come up in stressful moments of my life, similarly to others.

i might post some other dreams i’ve had later down the line.


look at this gif

Rumour: Bloodborne Remaster Is Real, Coming to PS5 and PC

yeah motherfucker it’s a The Sprawl Clock… you don’t wanna be there when it hits Midnight, you might have to ACQUIRE AGRICULTURAL PROPERTY.

ramble schizophrenic

domo arigato mr roboto


konbanwa shimabo

James May 'looks like Jeremy Clarkson' after cutting off long locks - The  Irish News


Prospective and retrospective memory in normal ageing and dementia: a questionnaire study

One: you lock the target
Two: you bait the line
Three: you slowly spread the net
And four: you catch the man

Headhunter, Front 242

akio, restless eyes, nondescript face, wiry body, corporate wear, asian.



Tactical Computer: When you assess in a tactical situation, hold +1, even on a miss.

Cybercoms: When you have cybercoms installed, choose two of following tags: +encrypted, +jamming, +recording, +satellite relay, +inaccessible partition. When monitoring communications or giving orders in a tactical environment, you may roll Synth for assess.

Moves I:

Ear to the ground: You have a knack for loosening lips and picking up information. When you circulate among a neighbourhood or a group of people, you may research to gather information.

It all fits together! You’re a master of making connections between
seemingly unrelated events. At the start of a mission, roll Edge.
10+: gain 3 hold
7-9: gain 1 hold
As you put everything together during the mission, spend 1 hold at any time to ask a question from the research list.

Moves II:

Chromed: Choose another piece of cyberware at character creation or in downtime. Describe how you got it and paid for it the same as you did your first piece of cyberware.

////1 more move from the Hunter playbook


Mateba Autorevolver (3-harm close/near reload loud)

Hand taser (s-harm hand reload)

Nondescript sedan

Armoured coat (1-armour)

5 Cred


////2 more directive from the Hunter playbook

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Laplace Transform of Step Input Signal, and it hurts

ecco2k’s look in the peroxide music video is cyberpunk with his swimsuit and really fast shades. i like to think of it as him floating around in his dinghy over the now waterlogged southern netherlands the year 20XX

this is of course only moments before the global food conglomerate BYTE private military division enter a hijacked tanker through the hull of the ship right outside an hangar of Nice, France

play The Sprawl RPG with your friends


stöd varan-tv

Start with the building block of all narrative.

varanteatern from lund is back after over 20 years off the air and with now almost 2.5 million SEK pledged on kickstarter wow!!!

all swedes know who garsson from tillbaka till vintergatan is but few know the escapades he and his skånska boyfriends at the varanteatern were up to back during the 90s on swedish state television

nämn en mer ikonisk duo.. jag kan vänta. - Imgur
garsson (jonas psykfont) and peo in the hit childrens program “tillbaka till vintergatan”

varan-tv would recieve a cult following but after 2 seasons of swedish comedy they would mostly disappear

But in the year 2020, they would return with an almost 9 minute video, e-begging for a chance to make another comedy series

i’ve already pledged 500 SEK to these bozos, please let them have their 3rd season !!!

if you are in sweden, the entire first 2 seasons are free to watch on öppet arkiv for all to see and enjoy the first season can be a bit rough sometimes but it is mostly just generally good content with soul that EVERYONE HAS TO WATCH

Varanteatern – Liverock

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Understanding the Atom_OLD

we’re finally here one billion, six-hundred million seconds since the 1st of january 1970 ( i like to call it M̿D̿C̿ as i mentioned before ) of course this event is useless in a cultural sense but is based on much about the same amount of science as any other time measurement epoch turn of the century-thingy

interesting facts:

we passed 1 billion seconds on the 9th september 2001
it is only 400.000.000 seconds left until we achieve a total of 2 billion in unix time, this will be on around 03:30 am (UTC) on the 18th of may 2033 … wow!

UNIX time runs in a signed 32 bit register, that’s a lot of possible seconds

on the 7th february 2036 NTP time will overflow (it is based on seconds since 1st of january 1900 and is unsigned!!!), leading to a new epoch in the NTPv4 protocol! don’t worry, they have another 32 bits for epochs..

32-bit unix, on the other hand, will overflow around 2 years afterwards

64-bit unix is unreasonable and will only overflow after the year

music ramble

the beatles’ “1”

The double-exposed hiding place

still a totally fine assortment of songs wonder why it is called “1” though

also tomorrow it is M̿D̿C̿ , be there