meta ramble schizophrenic

what are we gonna write about today huh

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meta ramble

new frontpage

Entre la nuit, la nuit et l’aurore – Entre le royaume des vivants et des morts

finally a frontpage worth your time not some bullshit simple html5 document that just automatically forward you to this blog after 2 seconds this shit even has css

a new epoch is soon upon us

meta ramble schizophrenic

i could (i should)

GMOD Funny Prank

what would happen if i uploaded some content i don’t own right like hypothetically what would happen they’d send me an email what if i don’t answer it what are they gonna do take me to court in sweden ? heh my pal’s a jurist they can’t take me it’s like a de facto diplomatic immunity they can’t take me down good luck you soulless overpaid company lawyer-man

you probably don’t even technically work at the company you’re just some consultant hired to be a dmca pest

knös 2020