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regarding the subject of internet archives

And yet a trace of the true self exists in the False Self

or how i found a lost album through wikipedia

“Hippodromen” from bob hund’s Ingenting demos – 1992/3

ingenting is not bob hund’s best album hell it’s barely an album it’s a compilation of old demos they probably had recorded in some garage before they were able to properly record their first ep (i think so, at least) whatever it is it used to be free to download through, their website. what happened was that they later renovated their site and people lost the ability to download the mp3s. i also am pretty sure they made limited amounts of physical vinyls of it, only releasing about 1000s of those (note: 1003 according to Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia)

“Kompromissen” from bob hund’s Ingenting demos – 1992/3

some of these demos would later be completely re-recorded for bob hund (that is bob hund the ep (1993) not bob hund the lp (1994)) but a good portion of them were completely isolated into what was for me a hidden gem

Godset 2012: Dipper
this is not bob hund

it is much more primal and punk in a sense with no proper recording equipment and what sounds as a Thomas Öberg that has barely hit his puberty. it is punk, it is garage, it is indierock

i had heard of this album before but never felt the need to actually look for it, it wasn’t until i heard one of the unreleased songs through the bob hund movie that i actually decided to look for it

that song would’ve been “Vem vill bliva stor?” the 8th track on the album so i went on to look for it and went on an internet archaeological hunt through search engines and archives

“Vem vill bliva stor?” from bob hund’s Ingenting demos – 1992/3

it wasn’t my first rodeo as about a year before i had unsuccessfully searched for a very obscure practically unknown swedish indie game named force majeure ii: the zone. through Moby Games i would find a deprecated and removed site for the game, later finding an archived version of it online but no downloads. my search would continue, with finding more and more poor reviews and offline sites of it

with no game except for a short demo the search was left without any results …

it would at first not go any better for the bob hund album if not worse … there were at the very least trails of force majeure (that lead nowhere) but for ingenting it was mostly just a single short wikipedia-page on it i even tried to look up old archived versions of the site trying to find any and all hyperlinks that could lead me closer, but i found none. however i had made one mistake

my mistake was using the swedish version of the article instead of the superior english version

“Ett ja som låter som ett nej” from bob hund’s Ingenting demos – 1992/3

on the english wikipedia article for a swedish demo album by an indie band mostly unknown overseas there were a single url to the website where you were once apparently able to download the full album for free (note: this has now been removed, but can still be found on this revision)

but alas even this url had no bearing on my quest… but the archived version listed alongside it sure as hell had

my hands were trembling surely you can’t download content from an archived page? only the 256 kbps MP3-download page were available to see, but could you actually download them??

yes. yes you could

so regarding the subject of internet archives: thank god for ’em

bob hund - Ingenting (2002, Vinyl) | Discogs

if you haven’t noticed we are now running on HTTPS and the landline between your device of choice and this physical server computer stored in my dormitory is now fully encrypted and secured according to the SSL-standards all thanks to the brave developers of certbot, godspeed nerds

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new frontpage

Entre la nuit, la nuit et l’aurore – Entre le royaume des vivants et des morts

finally a frontpage worth your time not some bullshit simple html5 document that just automatically forward you to this blog after 2 seconds this shit even has css

a new epoch is soon upon us

ramble tech

raspberry π

The Return of the Ogre

i’ve been thinking long and hard about how to preserve the CULTURE of the dormitory there used to be books and photo albums that previous students wrote in and added photos (we’re talking during the 90’s) but as we’ve moved from analog to digital there’s no physical media for us to easily preserve everything is in our phones and laptops isolated and later removed we thought about getting a polaroid camera but that is costly and the risk of it going unused is large

however, instead of trying to fight how we preserve media and go back to books and albums, why not have a digital archive?

Raspberry Pi - Wikipedia

a raspberry pi with a large enough memory card is a perfect way to preserve media it could easily handle a local server with wordpress and every member in the corridor get their own user account it’s like a collaborative photo album but with many more features as long as they share the same network (the router in the common room) they can log in, view content and upload images

it could totally flop, and backups might be needed to preserve all content… we’ll see it’s a fun hobby project nonetheless and might have some positive effects



Sorry You Ran Into A Pool Shark | Clubhouse Games (Golden Goblet: Day 5)

there’s an itch to create something again thinking about how to make games that work on the web that aren’t javascript i really don’t want to get caught red-handed trying to develop any software with that godforsaken language

trying to figure out if it is possible with rust + webassembly that might be fun to learn > cargo run
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rapper hitlist

Table 7: How Planck units simplify the key equations of physics

i think i saw this original hitlist on the old mde subreddit before it got shut down about a week after the death of xxxtentacion

somehow it almost came to be as both lil xan and sixnine soon went AWOL (rehab and prison) with only lil pump left in the soundcloud mumble rap game

what surprised me was the recent development somehow sixnine came back (he was apparently not dangerous enough to stay in jail lol) and as we all know is that after lil pump collab’d with kanye west he has been missing (apparently rehab as well)

somehow sixnine is the sole survior from the prophetic soundcloud rapper hitlist

i can’t believe it

ramble tech

the future is now p2

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

like the pesky insects in the anthill and the neurons in our brain the more connections there are in a system the more complex and lifelike it becomes i read a theory some time ago about the ocean being an organism of its own with it’s diverse ever-expanding marine life somewhat similar to us with our billions of cells and bacteria if we’re are self-aware couldn’t the seabed be too? that of course depends on how self-awareness came to be as it could just as likely (if not more) to be an evolutionary trait of social primates

why be aware of yourself if it is not because of others in your vicinity

Thom Yorke of Radiohead

can’t computers achieve the same complexity? with enough transistors or enough nodes in a neural network maybe they could if we go with the hypothesis of the complexity of a system being the sole reason behind self-awareness

if it is an evolutionary step for a social being, then we’d have to rethink how our neural networks (NN) propagate instead of an algorithm choosing the most suitable NN to propagate through mitosis (a watered down summary of an approach to evolving NN) we’d have to make the NNs to choose their own partners to propagate with it would be necessary for a successful NN to not only choose the correct partner but also show off their positive traits for their future lineage to survive and in that way trigger a social evolution (this approach would not be applicable to normal computers, which are mostly static)

you are correct in thinking that i am getting a bit carried away with the self-aware computer discussion similar to a pothead at a party jabbing about the meaning of life in reality it would probably not matter if a computer is aware of itself or not (how hard would it be to program a computer with a webcam to recognize itself in a mirror to pass the test?)

if an agent acts and respond to inputs as being self-aware, why would it matter if it's not
ramble schizophrenic tech

the future is now

Nespresso Gamer Girl Bath Water Coffee Capsule

we’re only a bit more than a week away from turning a new leaf in the age of computers, we’re entering M̿D̿C̿ (1.600.000.000) in terms of seconds since january 1st 1970 utc (0) at the time of writing it’s still 1599154794 but we’re closing in slowly but surely as our destiny is inevitable and im not just talking about the incremental property of the binary value in your 32-bit register

Elon Musk's Neuralink looks to begin outfitting human brains with faster  input and output starting next year | TechCrunch
There Are 86 Billion Neurons in Your Brain
soon there’s gonna be 4 neurons more

neural manipulation, what used to be lobotomy of the frontal lobe (mind-cauterization) is now an invasive device drilled into your skull so the cringe-inducing high school memories of your future children is just one cyberbrain-click away thanks Neuralink, the soon-to-be first publicly-traded brain implant monolith i wonder what elon musk does in the privacy of his own home

wetware, or as i personally feel more comforting to call it; “moistware” is the turn of the century the question is for who? certainly it’s not you
you were born 10 years too early

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i could (i should)

GMOD Funny Prank

what would happen if i uploaded some content i don’t own right like hypothetically what would happen they’d send me an email what if i don’t answer it what are they gonna do take me to court in sweden ? heh my pal’s a jurist they can’t take me it’s like a de facto diplomatic immunity they can’t take me down good luck you soulless overpaid company lawyer-man

you probably don’t even technically work at the company you’re just some consultant hired to be a dmca pest

knös 2020

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blah blah blah blah

Cowboy mode…Alone

shut your trap, dweeb god i really hate watching your jabbing teeth-filled cakehole of a mouth stop breathing with your entire face dork you look weird

i only ever talked to you because of the gosh darn fuckin’ bitch of a car u’ve got it really looks so grand espc. the color what even is that colour, is it OU Crimson red?