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books: $4000 dollars

Dear Kevin:
jag tappade min hdmikabel
hemma hos dej skulle du
kunna ta me dej den imorgon
till skolan e du go
Yours truly–

a continuation of the last post. as i’ve mentioned before i’ve been reading quite a lot lately, so i just want to go through some of ’em quickly. i enjoyed pretty much all of them, a lot of classics and you can never go wrong with classics

these are just some of the books i’ve read, there’s more of course but i don’t have the energy to write more than this

Animal Farm

a mistake i made in grade school while reading this book was thinking that it was about communism being an inherently bad system. i am pretty sure george orwell himself was an ” ‘ol communist “, as we like to call ’em in sweden. it is more so single-handedly about soviet, and in particular STALIN.

still a swell fable, it’s very simple but i think that helps to portray it’s meaning, even if it as deep as a puddle. i give it 5/7 animal commandments. I enjoyed the afterwords, describing how some publishers didn’t even want to print it, as they were afraid of backlash from russia by being discriminatory. similar subject is brought up in Shaun Walker’s “The Long Hangover: Putin’s New Russia and the Ghosts of the Past”, and also in political events surrounding china today……… you know what i mean (i’m a big ol’ racist).

i highly suggest listening to the pink floyd album “ANIMALS”. it is a good companion piece.

Fight Club 3

this one was a doozy. i’ve read a couple of graphical novels, but not a whole lot. they cost a lot and they’re pretty easy to go through. fight club 3 is an entire volume of several releases, but it only took me about an hour to get through it. it was still enjoyable (and sometimes a bit confusing), but i got through it nonetheless.

it was less 4th wall-breaking than it’s predecessor, which i thought was nice.

it doesn’t feel like a necessary sequel at all so i don’t know. like i said before, quick read. it makes me a tad bit irritated to be honest haha, but that’s on me 🙂

August Strindberg’s Inferno

i read an article by someone who said this self-biography/diary was an excellent view into symptoms of schizophrenic paranoia. and god, it was good. i would

the first part of the book is from August’s time in paris, trying to alchemize gold in the late 1800rds. Spoilers, he doesn’t, but he sure believes he will. he spends his evenings at different cafes, drinking nerv-damaging Absinthe day in and day out, barely scraping by with the dough he has. very interesting fellow, but he sure is an asshole. he is bit of a H.P Lovecraft-kind of a character, but instead of racist he’s just hates women, and more than unusual for that time.

the second part is less interesting according to me, it goes more into philosophical and theological thinking (Swedenborg and whatnot) to explain his suffering. he finally decides that life is hell, while taking his estranged daughter (that loves him almost unconditionally) for a walk. what a dude.

i’ve bought a shitton of books as well, my budget goes to classics. i haven’t even started reading a 3rd of them, haha. it is nice tho to have a collection and i think i will at some point read them!!!!! physical collections are nice, it feels good having your favorite stuff in a format that isn’t 0s and 1s you know. here’s a short list of some books i’ve bought:

  • 20,000 leagues under the sea + Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • Ulyssses by james joyce (a bad boy of a book, apparently)
  • dante’s inferno and homer’s the illiad. i think that is that the good one? don’t know
  • villhelm moberg’s Utvandrarna and Invandrarna. it is the first two books in a trilogy about swedish emigrants who travel to USA during a famine. they are very famous, and the movies are good too apparently.
  • new york trilogy, paul aster.
  • The Art of War
  • and of course MOBY DICK, fuck yeah