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Ascii Chronos

recently joined a book club, haven’t read too much for years but used to be a real bookworm back in school. i like to think that i’m quite a quick reader as well, but yeah, haven’t tried keeping up with reading at all. however, if i find a book that interests me, i read it!

here’s a short summary of books i read a couple of years ago or so. most of them i can recommend

Paul Auster’s Moon Palace

post-modern. story about several generations, identity and loops (and breaking the cycle). from what i remember it was pretty good! enjoyed it. shares a bit with House of Leaves with the system of several layers of stories.

Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange

everyone pretty much knows this one. i was mostly interested in it because of watching 2001: a space odyssey by stanley kubrick a metric ton and knowing that he also directed the adaption of this one as well. not only that but also after david bowie’s final album got released, with “girl loves me”…

the song borrows some of its language from the fictional “argot”(no idea if that is what it is called but fuck it) from the book. the language made it a pretty interesting reading, as i got very invested in it while looking up all slang-words used by the main character.

it is a pretty awful work (violence-wise), with the main character raping several people (even minors). the character really is a piece of shit, but it is most likely meant so for the second part. the film is a bit tamer in that respect, but it is still very aesthetically pleasing!

Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves

this one is good (and a beast of a book!!!)! very postmodern, starts playing with the medium a lot, sometimes is looks like someone went batshit with microsoft word haha. several layers of storytelling, you have a supposedly “”real”” story about an impossible corridor, written by a dead blind man as a scientific article, while an insane editor goes bananas in the margins and footnotes of the book. it is a cultic piece, but widely appraised from what i’ve seen. recommend it a lot! dripping with themes!!!

Kafka’s The Trial (should be called The Process)

didn’t actually finish this one, should’ve read it in english but i had the swedish version. the description of the bureaucratic systems and even the surroundings of the book makes me feverish! it was interesting nonetheless, but i felt lost in the details while reading it.

Fight Club 2

yeah, this one was a graphical novel. don’t ask why it had a sequel (i think they even discuss it towards the end in a sort of meta-commentary (fucking post-modernists)). it was still a good read. wasn’t the only cartoon comic for adults i read, as i also went through the entire Watchmen alongside the Scott Pilgrim-series. if you want an account about the holocaust, Maus is still a pretty good piece. (just checked, apparently there is a fight club 3???)