the suburbs

here be dragons

i’ve long had thoughts about similar infinite maze-like areas or dimensions, similar to a game with auto-generated rooms or the Backrooms meme. ever-shifting corridors or rooms leading you to nowhere.

House of Leaves has a similar concept, where-in there’s an impossible hallway in one of the main characters’ home. the door should leave to the outside, but instead continues forever into deeper and darker corridors and gigantic rooms.

the character becomes obsessed with it, and travels further and further while it progressively breaks his family apart.

i have bad eyesight, and with the early evenings being as dark as they are doesn’t really help while taking walks. usually i head downtown or to the local river while listening to dubiously right-leaning swedish podcasts or music, but there are some suburban areas that i visit sometimes. swedish suburbs (or maybe suburbs in the west) are so typical, always so similar wherever you are. with the darkness, my incredibly bad sense of direction and memory these suburbs become a maze-like phenomenon. you enter one point, wander around and suddenly you exit it and find yourself in a familiar place, but while inside everything looks the same. it doesn’t feel man-made at times, it feels generated, soulless, empty (thanks to not a whole lot of people being outside often). it’s like it’s always been there, but unexplored. here be dragons, uncharted lands.

arcade fire’s the suburbs explain the existential dread i personally fail to describe well. i really despise suburbs, there’s a sort of anxiety that fills me whenever i’m in one of them. emptiness? i will probably discuss the suburbs (the album that is) later.

i like using this blog as some sort of one-sided discussion for myself. it becomes like an obligation for me that forces me to archive my thoughts about some subjects, such as movies or music. i have a fear of losing information, another thing i might bring up later. anyway, i feel like it’s very good, even if it is totally personal and not really for public consumption. writing down my thoughts for myself has a lot of benefits.