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the emperor’s naked army marches on – the war, society and kenzo okuzaki

Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.

there are many moments worth watching in this movie without the knowledge of what happens. usually i would not care for spoilers at all, but i would recommend watching this one without spoiling it. some scenes are just that intriguing and sudden.

The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On - Harvard Film Archive
kenzo okuzaki

i knew some of the things that occurred around the pacific during the second world war, where most atrocities were committed by the japanese army against indigenous people and allied soldiers alike. the japanese soldiers were almost if not as brutal as the german soldiers, mainly due to the culture clash of ideologies. the japanese army didn’t believe in surrendering or giving up, and they saw great distaste in foreign enemies who did so.

this documentary dives into some single incidents that occurred, with whom kenzo okuzaki intends to find and reveal the truth no matter the cost

Takenaga incident - Wikipedia
the war

the documentary masterfully shows and handles not only two, but three different subjects during the length of the doc. first of all it’s about the character kenzo okuzaki. i call him a character not because it is a play, but because of how intriguing his history and ideals are. you sympathize with him, even when he does wrong. sometimes you will be almost certain he is joking or playing an act, but then the end hits you. then we have the aforementioned war and the victims of it, but also the effect it had on japanese society as a whole. that brings us forward to the third subject.

KOBE, Japan: Interview Kenji Kondo - THE Stylemate

as kenzo hunts down and tries to interrogate the old men he deems responsible for wrongdoing during the war in new guinea, the japanese society and underlying social taboos are revealed.

all of the men are all elderly at this point. they all would rather forget the war and the incidents that occurred, even if they were directly responsible for it. kenzo on the other hand cannot let things go. his intentions are right and pure, but do they make up for his actions in some incidents in the documentary?