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Understanding the Atom_OLD

we’re finally here one billion, six-hundred million seconds since the 1st of january 1970 ( i like to call it M̿D̿C̿ as i mentioned before ) of course this event is useless in a cultural sense but is based on much about the same amount of science as any other time measurement epoch turn of the century-thingy

interesting facts:

we passed 1 billion seconds on the 9th september 2001
it is only 400.000.000 seconds left until we achieve a total of 2 billion in unix time, this will be on around 03:30 am (UTC) on the 18th of may 2033 … wow!

UNIX time runs in a signed 32 bit register, that’s a lot of possible seconds

on the 7th february 2036 NTP time will overflow (it is based on seconds since 1st of january 1900 and is unsigned!!!), leading to a new epoch in the NTPv4 protocol! don’t worry, they have another 32 bits for epochs..

32-bit unix, on the other hand, will overflow around 2 years afterwards

64-bit unix is unreasonable and will only overflow after the year