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for almost a decade and several smartphone models i have not received much more than a handful of ads on youtube durin small short periods of days from what i can recall so how did i achieve this? did i download a jailbroken youtoube-app? did i block google’s ad-services on my router’s firewall? no i am simply extremely lucky

i’ve tried multiple times to solve this mystery, testing out multiple theories and hypothesis for reasons behind this very convenient existence but i have yet to find the cause as neither mobile phone, internet service provider, apps, nor settings changed my “blessing”

google services and products

i am very lucky, a glitch in google’s system as somehow in the cogwheels of the over-engineered ecology of services and products made by the de-facto umbrella company of the western software conglomerate alphabet i am allowed to exist without much of a cent generated in google adsense

a glitch in the system

the following are the undoubted facts regarding this “issue” of mine:

  • i have owned a multiple of different phones. nokia, windows phones and a couple of LG phones running android. none of them had ads on youtube
  • the way of communication through the internet does not matter as my phones have been connected to several different routers and even to 3G and 4G internet without any advertisements while watching videos
  • i’ve quite literally been across the globe and surfed through channels while travelling in japan and had NO ads
  • it’s not my account, neither while logged in nor logged out i still receive no pre-rolls.
  • my phones have never been jailbroken or tampered with, neither do i install cracked apps or other services onto them, never
  • i do now have an adblocker on all my browsers but that should not change how the youtube-application run and server ads, do also recall that i’ve used other phones without the means to install and use adblock-plugins on my mobile browser and still receive nothing

i have to come clean and actually say that i’ve also google’d this and found no other individual who experience the same things while browsing youtube, i have been just a tad bit scared of looking it up too often in case google would catch my search and fix what seem like an issue on their end…….

i forgot to mention another very inconvenient truth that is that all googles services and products are made by soulless software developers trying to get a promotion by creating a new chat service when there’s already a thousand of those already on google as they are incentivized not to work on already existing applications but create a completely new one and just dump it into the endless depthless and totally shit sea to get a promotion in a company were overqualified workers can wait 7+ years with no promotion in sight

sorry for that ramble, what might just be really happening is that some algorithm/ai online on google’s platform handpicked me to be the special one, i have no other hypothesis, it must truly just be an act of a similar-to-god agent