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The Return of the Ogre

i’ve been thinking long and hard about how to preserve the CULTURE of the dormitory there used to be books and photo albums that previous students wrote in and added photos (we’re talking during the 90’s) but as we’ve moved from analog to digital there’s no physical media for us to easily preserve everything is in our phones and laptops isolated and later removed we thought about getting a polaroid camera but that is costly and the risk of it going unused is large

however, instead of trying to fight how we preserve media and go back to books and albums, why not have a digital archive?

Raspberry Pi - Wikipedia

a raspberry pi with a large enough memory card is a perfect way to preserve media it could easily handle a local server with wordpress and every member in the corridor get their own user account it’s like a collaborative photo album but with many more features as long as they share the same network (the router in the common room) they can log in, view content and upload images

it could totally flop, and backups might be needed to preserve all content… we’ll see it’s a fun hobby project nonetheless and might have some positive effects