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the future is now

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we’re only a bit more than a week away from turning a new leaf in the age of computers, we’re entering M̿D̿C̿ (1.600.000.000) in terms of seconds since january 1st 1970 utc (0) at the time of writing it’s still 1599154794 but we’re closing in slowly but surely as our destiny is inevitable and im not just talking about the incremental property of the binary value in your 32-bit register

Elon Musk's Neuralink looks to begin outfitting human brains with faster  input and output starting next year | TechCrunch
There Are 86 Billion Neurons in Your Brain
soon there’s gonna be 4 neurons more

neural manipulation, what used to be lobotomy of the frontal lobe (mind-cauterization) is now an invasive device drilled into your skull so the cringe-inducing high school memories of your future children is just one cyberbrain-click away thanks Neuralink, the soon-to-be first publicly-traded brain implant monolith i wonder what elon musk does in the privacy of his own home

wetware, or as i personally feel more comforting to call it; “moistware” is the turn of the century the question is for who? certainly it’s not you
you were born 10 years too early